Welcome to Europe's biggest and best banger rally! 

The Sucata Run is back with a bang (and a cloud of smoke). Four days of adventure, fancy dress and fun as you drive and party your way through Europe's most vibrant cities - all the way to the stunning Cabo da Roca in Portugal! "The ultimate road trip...it was non-stop sun, sea and silliness. I've never laughed so much!”

What are you waiting for? Pull together your mates to form a team, buy a clapped out old banger for under £250 and put your personal touch on it – think novelty themes, paint jobs and fancy dress. Then head for the start line and the summer holiday you'll never forget.

Sucata Run Postponement

Ladies and Gents, Sucateers and Zombies. We have some good and some bad news. So let’s get the bad news out the way – we are going to push back the timing of the rally to February 2015 – ‘oh no’ I hear you cry! Please do not fear as the good news is that it is going to be bigger and better than August would have ever had been able to handle!

Now this has out a bit of a spanner in the works! The new dates for the rally the 20-25th of February . Everything else is staying the same apart from a few cheeky little improvements, they are as follows: More teams, more fun, more clouds of smoke but more importantly a huge party at the end of it all one that we hope is worth driving 1,585km for!

But why is this happening I hear you cry? Well we listened to your feedback and people were finding the fundraising fairly tricky as the Sucata Run looks like a little bit too much good fun for a challenging adventure! So moving it to February means two things: Firstly you will now be driving your banger through the mountains, in winter, with little to no back up… so yeah, how’s that? Challenging enough for those skeptical fundees? Secondly this means that after all your hard work getting to Lisbon you get to be part of Lisbon carnival, which is the pretty much the nuttiest, most colorful thing going this side of the Atlantic!

We’re working together with the team at Musically Digital who work with the likes of Nick Curly, Faithless, Sam Divine, BCM and Pritchard (from Dirty Sanchez) to really get the party started! Seriously though this is promising to be one for the books so get involved!

Now if you reckon these new dates work perfectly for you and you would like to get involved in then please check out the registration page and get signed up. Fancy exploring what Sucata is all about? No worries check out our twitter twitter or Facebook Page . Now if your already registered that’s probably pretty frustrating but hang on…whats that? You have free life time registration for any inconvenience caused? Yeah that’s right…pretty awesome we know.

If any of the above applies to you give us a shout at events@londonsairambulance.co.uk or call us at 0207 220 5493. Were aware this is a bit of change but we promise it really is for the best!